Can You Quit the Standard Process for Crash Resolution?

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If you have any reason to not want to claim to appear on your record or to go through all the way then you do have the option to quit or cancel the standard process. What we mean by this is that it is possible to contact your insurance provider and tell them that you don’t want to move forward with the claim any longer. The struggle is that car insurance companies make it extremely difficult to withdraw a claim after they’ve already filed it and they may have already reported certain elements of the crash to the Georgia Department of Transportation Which would put the claim on your record.

Whether the claim is too much hassle or you don’t want to risk points being added to your license, have some peace of mind in knowing that it’s possible to cancel crash resolution through your insurance provider. But, and do take some time to read through some of these issues that can come up when you decide to quit the standard process for crash resolution. Contact our Atlanta car accident attorneys right away.

Can Drivers Cancel a Car Accident Claim?

Yes, you absolutely can cancel a car accident claim but it might not come with all the benefits that you were expecting. First, the claim will already be on your report or your record. Additionally, if you were at fault for the crash rates may still go up even if you cancel the claim.

Common and reasonable situations to cancel a car accident claim include not being able to afford your deductible or identifying that the cost to repair the car is about the same as your deductible. There’s no reason to go through a long and complicated claim process if you’re going to spend weeks waiting on a $50 check.

When Would It Be Advantageous for Someone to Quit a Claim?

The situation that would provide the most advantages for canceling a flame would be to avoid a deductible payment. What happens in these situations is that people realize that the repair costs are about the same as the deductible which means paying it yourself could save you time and frustration.

This is more likely to happen with higher deductibles. If your deductible is $1,500 and the repairs cost $1,100 then there’s no reason to go through with the claim. Additionally, moving forward with a claim can result in an increase to your insurance rates which can also be costly.

Break-Even Figures – Watch Out for Hidden Expenses

The biggest thing that people need to watch out for when calculating the benefits of canceling a claim is hidden expenses. Before you cancel a claim make sure that you’ve gone through every possible expense. That means making sure you’ve gotten checked out by medical professionals to assess for hidden or invisible injuries. Additionally, you should have your car inspected before calling it quits on a claim.

Vehicle damage can be difficult to assess visually because small changes in the frame can drastically impact how the car operates. Just like invisible injuries, you may not realize there is a problem until weeks past and something disastrous happens on the road. To that extent, failing to properly repair or maintain a vehicle may put you at fault if an accident arises because of uncorrected damage.

When Do You Have the Opportunity to Cancel Your Claim?

in theory, you can cancel a claim even after you receive a settlement check so long as you haven’t deposited it. If you call the insurance company and arrange to return the check then it is still possible to cancel the claim.

Talk to the Weinstein Firm’s Local Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys Before You Cancel

If you’re the victim of an Atlanta car accident then you might want to talk through your decision with a local attorney first period you may feel the need to cancel your claim out of frustration with your car insurance provider or it may seem like dealing with the claim is just too much to handle while you’re focusing on your physical recovery. A local attorney can take these situations and help reduce the frustration or demands of that car insurance claim so you can focus on other elements of your life.

At the Weinstein Firm, a local firm in Atlanta, we’ve seen many people deal with the frustrations of overcomplicated and overly demanding car insurance providers. That company should be there for you to help you in your time of need but often They failed to do that. If it seems like your only option is to cancel your claim talk to one of our attorneys first.

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