Can the Victim of a Crash Get Compensation Without Insurance?

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The State of Georgia requires that all drivers have an active insurance policy that meets specific basic requirements in terms of dollar value. But not everyone has insurance. A large portion of Georgia’s population is uninsured. These people often drive knowing that they assume the risk if they caused an accident and that it may be a financial disaster if that happens.

However, most of Georgia’s uninsured aren’t aware of whether they can receive compensation if someone crashes into them. Can a Georgia car accident victims pursue compensation for their damages if they didn’t have an active insurance policy? Contact our Georgia car accident attorneys for more information.

A Crash Without Insurance

You hear most people expressed concern that they’re going to get hit by an uninsured motorist. There are additional policy options and solutions for drivers who are hit by an uninsured motorist. What deserves equal attention are the situations where the victim was uninsured. An uninsured victim may feel that they can’t file a claim without exposing that they don’t have insurance.

An uninsured motorist may fear exposure because they may receive a ticket, lose their license, or have the registration on their vehicle suspended. But these penalties and fees are nothing compared to the medical damage and property loss a victim can experience in a car accident.

Fines and Penalties of Driving Without Insurance in Atlanta

While there are plenty of penalties for driving without auto insurance in Atlanta, but that’s part of the problem. Sure, there should always be penalties for breaking the law, and it’s a law that drivers must carry insurance. But, 34% of Georgia’s 1.38 million uninsured drivers are at or below the poverty level. That percentage goes up to 59% if you account for those just above the poverty level. It’s clear that people don’t carry insurance because it’s not affordable. Still, the fines are cheaper than insurance, making it reasonable that people would risk the penalties to avoid the monthly payments.

It’s possible that you could lose your driving privileges or that the motor vehicle Department would suspend your vehicle registration. It’s more likely that you’ll see a fine of about $185. Perhaps the most severe penalty for driving without insurance in Georgia is the possibility of a year in jail. Spending a year in jail is highly unlikely unless you have multiple offenses, and it seems that the fines aren’t doing anything to spur you into getting insurance.

Can You Still File a Claim?

Yes, you absolutely can still file a claim even if you don’t have insurance. Now, it would be impossible for you to file a complaint with your insurance in the hope of getting compensation if you were at fault for the accident. But as you’re the victim, then you would file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance.

You can do this by contacting their insurance provider directly with the driver’s name and policy number. Or, you can go to a local Atlanta automobile accident attorney and file a claim that way.

However, you file a claim you will need to submit evidence, and you may need to submit a statement. Do not submit a formal statement to the other driver’s insurance provider without speaking to a legal professional first. Keep in mind that the insurance provider has no reason to serve you. If anything, they’ll work only to protect their driver.

Finding Out About Your Legal Options as the Victim with an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Finding out about your legal options may seem like an expensive step, but often car accident attorneys are affordable and make accommodations to help victims. What happens is that car accident lawyers, in Atlanta and across the nation, use a contingency fee, which means that they only get paid if you receive compensation For the accident. It’s often the best way to obtain legal help because you’re not committing hundreds of dollars to a retainer or a deposit, knowing that you’ll continue to incur legal fees. Instead, you get the help you need, and in the end, the car accident attorney receives payment through a small portion of your compensation.

You can discuss legal options and fees with the Weinstein Firm during a consultation. Our team of attorneys aim to help victims regardless of whether they have insurance coverage or not. When you’re the one who was not at fault and who sustained a substantial injury, then you’re the one who needs the most help in resolving this issue.

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