A Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Addresses Assault at a Braves Game

Why should you hire a Swainsboro hit and run accident lawyer?

If you’re like so many of us in Atlanta, you couldn’t wait for the baseball season to start. Not only does the city have a team that can contend for the division, but the league is finally starting to let guests attend the games. The great summer pastime is back. Unfortunately, so are the rowdy fans who like to start trouble with eager fans. Georgia personal injury lawyers meet with people throughout the summer who have been injured in altercations at live sporting events. If you happen to be one of them, you should call and talk to one of our experienced Georgia personal injury lawyers. You can spend a few minutes talking to them and seeing if you have a case. They can also let you know how the legal process works. You’ll finally feel like you have some control over the situation.

Baseball Games are Finally Allowing Fans Again

Most of the Major League baseball teams are allowing some fans in their stadiums this season. The Atlanta Braves are being a bit more aggressive than the other teams. Instead of the 25% allowed for opening day, Atlanta allowed 33% capacity. For the second homestand, they increased this to 50%. You can imagine how excited these fans were to finally attend a live sporting event. It’s been over a year since we could do this. Some people go a bit overboard when it comes to tailgating. By the time the first pitch is thrown out, they’re already finely tuned. When this happens, especially early in the game, people can get out of hand. One minute you can be enjoying the game and the next a bottle comes flying at your head.

Wherever There is Alcohol, There Will Be Fights

Unfortunately, sporting events aren’t always the family-fun events we were used to as kids. When there is alcohol around, people don’t always act the way they normally would. People who are normally quiet and reserved walk around half naked with a number painted on their chest. During the 7th inning stretch, you may find a streaker running across the field. Every now and then, you may even find one of your seatmates getting too rowdy. They may take something you said the wrong way. Or they’re angry at someone near you and take a swing at you. If you end up getting assaulted, you’re going to need a Georgia personal injury lawyer. They can help you pursue charges and a civil claim against the defendant.

Can Your Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Prove You Didn’t Start the Altercation?

One of the good things about having a Georgia personal injury lawyer handle your case is that you can focus on getting better. You may need additional medical care or surgery. You may have stitches or scars that are taking a while to heal. Georgia personal injury lawyers tend to see traditional bar fight injuries in these cases. You may get hit in the head of a bottle. Or someone may punch you in the jaw or face. It’s difficult to even think about. The best we can do is make it a little less painful by making sure the defendant pays for what they did.

Were You Actually Injured?

While we’re talking about damages, it’s important that you understand something. If you aren’t injured as a result of your assault, you may not have a case. Of course, you can still file criminal charges against the culprit. But you don’t need a Georgia personal injury lawyer for that. However, if you do suffer physical injuries, you may be entitled to damages. This could include anything from medical bills to lost wages. You may even be entitled to pain and suffering. It all depends on the facts of your case.

Call and Set Up Your Free, Initial Consultation

If you’re attacked while at a baseball game, you certainly need to talk to a Georgia personal injury lawyer. It can be so hard to deal with something like this on your own. It’s bad enough that you had to deal with the red tape at the stadium. Now you must deal with the same thing with the insurance company. Do yourself a favor and let one of our skilled attorneys give you the peace of mind you desperately need. They’ll get the evidence they need from stadium security and the police, so they know the best way to move forward.

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