Brake Failure Car Accidents in Atlanta: Prevention Tips

brake failure car accident

There are many reasons why you may fall victim to a traffic crash in Atlanta. The most common ones include speeding, distracted driving, drowsy driving, running red lights, etc. It could also be a result of sudden brake failure.

Brake failure accidents cause devastating consequences as they make drivers unable to come to a complete halt in emergencies. The best way to avoid the consequences of brake failure is to ensure that it never happens at all.

If you’re worried about preventing brake injuries, this article is for you. As you read, you’ll also understand what actions to take if your brakes suddenly malfunction on the road and why your choice of an Atlanta car accident attorney is crucial. Furthermore, if someone else’s brake failure caused your accident, you’ll learn how to hold them liable.

How Can I Avoid Brake Failure Accidents in Atlanta?

The following are the important ways to avoid brake failure crashes in Atlanta:

  • Watch Out for the Signs

Be an attentive car owner. Always listen to what your automobile is saying. Your vehicle will often warn you about an impending brake failure before it happens.

For example, have you noticed that your car takes longer to halt than usual? Does your vehicle make squeaking or grinding sounds when you match on the brakes? Is it more challenging to apply your brakes than usual?

Those are some of the warning signs that your brakes are failing. In such cases, you should visit an auto repair shop to fix them as soon as possible.

  • Service Your Brakes on Time

Carrying out routine car inspection, maintenance, and servicing can ensure that your brakes don’t develop faults. Then, when you notice problems with any parts of your vehicle, fix them quickly. Your automobile is a complex system of many interconnected working parts.

So, even if you feel that your brakes are fine, neglecting to fix other damaged parts can cause problems. Again brake pads can wear out quickly. Remember to replace them as often as necessary. Also, ensure that you check your brake fluids regularly.

  • Avoid Tailgating

Always follow vehicles at a safe distance. This can help you avoid causing an accident if your brake fails suddenly. It also gives you enough time to reason and plot out your course of action.

How to Handle Brake Failure

Let’s say that you’ve done all that’s necessary to avoid a brake failure, but it happens anyway. What do you do in such a situation?

  • Stay Calm and Use Your Horn

While a sudden brake failure is a terrifying situation, you must not panic. Panicking reduces your ability to think correctly and make the right decisions. Also, ensure that you use your horns to warn other motorists of your condition.

  • Downshift

Downshifting means changing your vehicle into a lower gear. Do this as smoothly as you can, and don’t try to downshift too quickly. Downshifting ensures that your car slows down. You can do this by taking your foot off the gas in automatic vehicles.

  • Apply the Emergency Brake

Apply your emergency brakes as gently as possible to avoid skidding. While your emergency brakes may not bring you to a complete halt, they can help to reduce your speed.

  • Pull Over

Now, you can turn your hazard lights on and pull off to the far right of the road. However, it would help if you only pulled over when it’s safe to do so. Then, when you’ve pulled over successfully, bring your vehicle to a complete stop.

  • Call a Tow Truck

Don’t drive your car anymore, as you will likely have a repeat brake failure. Instead, call your tow truck immediately and take your vehicle to an auto repair shop.

Who Is Responsible for My Atlanta Brake Failure Crash?

Liability for your auto crash injuries will depend on what caused your brake failure. For example, your mechanics will be liable if they tampered with your brakes or failed to fix them correctly. If the brake failure was due to a faulty design, the car manufacturers would be responsible. However, another driver may be at fault if their brake failure caused the accident.

Contact Auto Collision Lawyers in Atlanta Now!

Have you been involved in a brake failure car accident in Atlanta? Then you must be passing through a difficult time. It’s even more painful when you learn that someone else’s negligence caused the brake failure. Apart from visiting the hospital, getting adequate damages for your injuries can help you feel better.

If you wish to increase your chances of maximum compensation, then hire only lawyers from The Weinstein Firm. We’ll ensure that we meet and surpass your expectations. Contact us for a free case review immediately.

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