How to Avoid Drunk Drivers This Summer in Sandy Springs

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Every year, it seems like more reminders are published about the dangers of drinking and driving. There was hope that the increased availability of rideshare companies would have put a stop to this senseless behavior. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. There are still more than 10,000 who were killed in drunk driving crashes in 2019. Sandy Springs accident lawyers meet with clients all the time who have been seriously injured in a drunk driving accident.

The problem with these accidents is that they are 100% preventable. There is no excuse for anyone to get behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking. Yet people do it all the time. Still, more than 43% of all Americans admit having driven drunk at some point in their lives. Another 46% admit that they have willingly got into a car with a drunk driver. The fact that only 10,000 were killed is amazing. With so many people driving so recklessly, it is a miracle that number isn’t ten times higher.

DUI Crashes Lead to Very Serious Injuries and Even Death

Of all the motor vehicle accidents, drunk driving crashes tend to be the most devastating. So many of these accidents involve head-on collisions or speeding, it’s no surprise the victims suffer such terrible injuries. Sandy Springs accident lawyers meet with clients who were lucky to survive these crashes. Other clients aren’t so lucky. They have lost a loved one to one of the senseless accidents.

For the intoxicated person who’s behind the wheel, it’s a matter of not appreciating the risk of drunk driving. They also suffer from poor motor skills and often have slower response times. These are the natural symptoms of drinking alcohol. They don’t realize that they’re going 20 miles above the speed limit. They also get so disoriented that they don’t always realize that they’re driving down the wrong side of the road.

The Number of DUI Crashes Go Way Up in the Summer Months

Not surprisingly, there are more drunk drivers on the road in the summer than any other time of the year. People go out to celebrate the 4th of July, have a few beers and then proceed to drive home. Or they were out to a Braves game, have a few giant beers at the stadium, and don’t think twice about getting behind the wheel.

When they do this, they’re putting their lives and yours on the line. For this reason, your Sandy Springs accident lawyer will demand that you receive punitive damages in your case. That’s the only way to teach drunk drivers to change their behavior. It can also help you and your family recover from your tragic accident.

What are the Signs of a Drunk Driver?

If you’re on the road, you always want to pay attention to your surroundings. If you see something suspicious, err on the side of caution. For example, if you see someone on the road who appears to be drunk, pull over and let them pass you. It’s important that you understand how to spot these drivers on the roads and highway:

  • They may be driving well under the speed limit to avoid detection
  • They are swerving in and out of their lanes
  • They seem to hug the shoulder in the road, sometimes crossing the white lines
  • They have their windows down all the way with music blaring
  • They’re driving without their headlights on

If you see any of this, assume the worst. If you want to, call 911 and report the driver. Just make sure you don’t do this to your own detriment. If you can’t do this from the safety of the side of the road, wait until you stop.

How Can You Avoid a DUI Crash?

As mentioned above, there are certain signs that someone is driving drunk. You aren’t a police officer, so nobody expects you to be an expert at spotting drunk drivers. However, you do want to protect yourself and your family. A lot of times, it’s obvious that somebody is intoxicated. A lot of the things they do to avoid detection actually bring more attention to themselves. When this happens, steer clear.

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