Facing an Auto Accident Lawsuit? Here’s What to Do


You’re the victim of the wreck, but all of a sudden, you’re slapped with an auto accident lawsuit? It’s not fair, but there are many car crash attorneys in Atlanta who will try to flip the script and paint the person at-fault as the victim. That means that the victim takes on the role of the at-fault, and it’s not fair.

After you receive notice that you’re facing a car accident, you should start looking for an attorney. They go through everything from the evidence such as witness statements and more to poke holes in the other person’s case and build yours. Don’t go through this stressful lawsuit for your car crash alone.

Get an Auto Accident Attorney to Help With Your Lawsuit

If someone started a lawsuit against you, then you should prepare for a bit of delay in your claim and a bit of frustration. So, the good news is that the truth will unveil what really happened, and you can’t fudge fault with an attorney. Even a really skilled attorney can’t argue that someone was following at an appropriate distance if they also folded in your back bumper.

When someone gets an attorney, and they file a claim, and they were at-fault they’re likely just trying to pin the blame on you. Your insurance company will cover you in that regard. They’ll do their investigation and will often go into near combat to show that you weren’t at-fault in a lawsuit. It’s the one time that you can really count on your insurance company to have your back.

But, what about your side of the story? Sure your provider of insurance will explain that you didn’t cause the wreck. Ultimately, arguing that your policy shouldn’t cover this other person’s damages. So what can you do about your damages?

You can get your own attorney to defend your best interest and actively pursue compensation while this nonsense case goes through.

Involve Any Necessary Experts in Your Auto Accident Lawsuit

When people try to push a claim through with little or no evidence, they’ll avoid experts. What you will need to do either through your insurance provider or with an attorney is to use experts to disprove the other person. The other person here is claiming that they’re the victim, and that’s just not the case. It’s unreasonable to go through an entire claim without any expert or person in a spot of authority to speak on what they work with and know.

If someone doesn’t want to involve a financial expert, medical expert, or crash recreator, there’s a reason why. They know that they’re not the true victim, and they’re trying to play around that fact by avoiding the truth.

Talk About What Happened and Recreate the Crash

Be exceptionally thorough with your witness statement and understand how you use your power words. For example, if you say, “I had to slam on my breaks, and then he hit me.” The immediate takeaway is that while the other driver was clearly too close, you “slammed” on your breaks.

What you should do is to go through the scenario with a calm mindset. What were you doing? Why did you have to hit your breaks? The same scenario could be reworded, honestly, as, “I was driving down X road, and saw traffic ahead. I applied my brakes, and the person behind me hit me.”

What you want to do is to create a realistic explanation of the crash that doesn’t evoke an emotional response. For many people, that’s a real challenge. We’re taught to use words like an accident, smash, tearing through, or slammed. These aren’t realistic in most situations. Go through the crash and evaluate what you should do to provide a clear and unemotional statement for this case.

How to Find a Car Accident Attorney in Atlanta

Finding an auto accident law office in Atlanta often is too intimidating, and people simply let their insurance cover them. When you involve an attorney in Atlanta, you have someone who’s looking out for you. That’s not the case with insurance representatives because, honestly, they don’t care about you; they just want to minimize their payout.

In the event that you’re facing an auto accident lawsuit, you need legal protection and can hopefully turn the case around. If you were actually the one who was the victim of the wreck, then you should call The Weinstein Firm. Our offices in Atlanta, GA, bring together the car accident attorneys of Atlanta with the victims who are facing problematic or complicated situations with their cases.

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